Hemodialysis Technician Training


Hemodialysis Technician 

To be a Hemodialysis Technician is rewarding.  You become part of a health care team that is dedicated to making patients feel good and improve their quality of life.

 As for yourself, you have a job that is secure.  It is high paying with exceptional benefits.  Professional advancement is open.  Large dialysis organizations encourage their employees to go back to school and pursue a nursing career.  Dialysis nurses are in demand because of the growing dialysis population.

The Course

Sol Career Institute is a learning center certified and approved by the California Health Department.

Sol Career Institute offers a twelve (16) week training program for those interested in working with dialysis patients. The training program consists of 100 didactic (instructive) hours with 200 clinical hours. Students will be given hands on training that will enable them upon completion of the training program to take the National State Board Exam for dialysis technicians. Sol Career Institute will help build a strong educational foundation that will enable the student to safely and professionally manage patients who receive dialys.